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November 16, 2015 – Eileen Cote – Wedding Program

Topics I plan to cover.

  • How important to the couple is their photography: on a scale 1 – 10?
  • Engagement sessions: Always offer a deal on engagement session: This is a great day for a lesson in posing.
  • What I charge: the breakdown.
  • Expectations: for the couple, parents and myself.
  • Always keep in contact throughout the year, giving them confidence on your service.
  • Timeline: Giving the couple and the wedding planner an idea of what a photographer needs to capture the day’s event and the time they deserve for your service. Confirming with the couple the importance of this time line to capture for their expectations at the end of the day.
  • Journalistic verses traditional: Important to do both (as we all know, for the most part, Journalistic is just nicely posed images)
  • Equipment: sometimes too much. Always be prepared.
  • Lighting: Outdoors, Profoto B1 vs off camera flash.
  • How I am prepared in my metered lighting.
  • Posing: Have in your pocket your top 20 poses. Freestyle from that point.
  • End of the day: Downloading/ rendering
  • The next day send out a thank note. When giving them their package, give a little something extra as a thank you.
  • In six months send the bride a gift certificate for a anniversary Boudoir session. ( or can be used for any other reason.)

About me.

Years ago I knew that capturing our family’s milestones were important. I have been capturing these moments for years starting back in High School. When I was in my early 30s my father passed away. Sadly to say, other than snap shots and his Marine Core portrait we didn’t have any professional portraits of him. He was a WWll veteran and had many hobbies like fishing, boating and hunting. Now all I think is that I wish I had some great creative images of him with his fishing or hunting gear that would tell a story about who he was. (My favorite type of photography)

A few years later my Mother passed away. She to loved photography. She was staying with me during her knee replacement surgery. Before she went in for surgery I took her to the professional photographer that photographed my children. So I did her hair and make up and bought her a nice outfit and had her portrait done. Sadly from complications of the knee surgery she passed away. I felt so blessed to have taken her to have her portrait taken. It’s the only one I have of her. Snap shots are nice, but a beautifully captured portrait is a true keepsake. Soon I joined a local photography group just for fun. From that point on I went from snapshots to images that have a purpose. Taking many photography programs along the way to learn for the best.

From the very first year I entered competitions, I gratefully walked away with awards. Every time I receive an award I think of my Mother and how proud she would be. I am now a Master Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America; I am now in 3 Loan Collection Books put out by the PPA and have been published in the PPA magazine recognized for my work. I also teach photography for PPA and for the local photographer.

You should always follow your passion, you may not know where it leads but the journey is exciting. I will never stop learning. I love the challenge of capturing something wonderful whether it’s a baby, family, senior a wedding day or any story telling image.

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