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April 20, 2015 – Fuzzy Duenkel – Heavy Light

This event is at the Comfort Inn in Comstock Park

All Day Program

Fuzzy will show you how to create custom senior portraits that transcend the ordinary. You won’t learn how to do more… you’ll learn how to do better!

For four to six hours, Fuzzy goes to each senior’s home and anywhere else to just have fun! The result is a powerful collection of images that reflect that senior’s lifestyle, interests and attitude. Fuzzy doesn’t try to make images that sell… and that is precisely why they sell!

Fuzzy is a master at outdoor and indoor lighting techniques similar to those used in the fashion/commercial industry, but scaled down for the photographer who chooses to work without an assistant. Fuzzy’s choices of equipment (to buy or build) are also keys to help rather than hinder creativity.

Fuzzy purposely photograph about thirty seniors per year in a small, middle income Wisconsin town. However, their average senior sale is very high as a result of the originality of the photography and a pricing system that makes dollars & sense!

As we all know, an image is worthless unless the client buys it. To that end, Fuzzy’s soft-sell sales techniques pay for his addiction (photography).

If senior portraits are already part of your business, this seminar is guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective. If you don’t do seniors, you may want to start… after you see how much fun it can be!

Fuzzy Foto Fantasy

As we photographers know, there’s nothing more fun than photographing an attractive subject. When Shirley and I are traveling, I especially enjoy photographing a high school senior, or similarly aged model, using the local scenery.

Any studio owner within driving distance of the speaking location may submit up to three images of one photogenic, approximately senior aged (17-?) subject. I will choose the winner, then photograph that model in that area’s natural settings during our visit.

Only the studio owner (and a parent, if necessary) will accompany the model and me on the shoot. The studio owner will learn firsthand how I work. The senior model gets to be photographed by one of the country’s top senior shooters (no ego here!) and will receive a CD of my favorite images from the session, as well as a DVD slide show. And I get to photograph an attractive senior in a different part of the United States! It’s a Win-Win-Win!


  • Non-members can submit images, but there is a $50 fee to do so. Please use the registration Paypal button above to include this fee.
  • Email me up to three images (jpgs up to 500 pixels in the largest dimension) of one prospective model and I will choose the winner.
  • We’ll start at the model’s house with make-up guidance, then Fuzzy will help the model select clothing for the session, then we’ll all travel to whatever location captures the flavor of that part of the country.

Other Notes:
I must receive the emailed images at least two weeks prior to our visit to choose the winner and contact them to make arrangements. After we return home, we will edit and artwork some of the model’s images, then send them to her/him on a CD.

Directions for submission will be provided upon receipt of registration


In 1975, Fuzzy and Shirley Duenkel of West Bend, Wisconsin started their “mom and pop” business, as many photographers do, when a friend asked Fuzzy to photograph her wedding. In 1996, the Duenkels dropped weddings to concentrate solely on portraits.

Fuzzy’s business evolved into mostly a specialty studio with under 100 total sessions per year. While they photograph babies, children, families, couples and glamour, high school seniors are his favorite. Seniors are his easiest subjects since they require little space (unlike families), hold still (unlike kids), do what they’re told (unlike babies), understand English (unlike pets), and will give him as much time as he needs (unlike weddings).

Fuzzy practically insists on working on location with each session. Fuzzy feels his specialty is his total comfort with creating portraits in clients’ homes, especially if he has never been there before. His goal is to make a variety of images that don’t necessarily look like they were done in the clients’ bedrooms, garages, or hallways… even though they were!


Fuzzy started entering prints in Wisconsin PPA competition in 1993. In that and subsequent competitions he’s entered, Fuzzy was awarded four Fuji Masterpiece Awards, earned top awards for the Wisconsin PPA senior folio competition twelve times; was Wisconsin’s Photographer of the Year twice; won Senior Photographer’s International folio competitions five times; Senior Portrait Artists’ Photographer of the Year, had 29 prints selected for National Traveling Loan Collection, two for Disney’s Epcot Center, one for Photokina in Germany, one for the International Hall of Fame and Museum in Oklahoma, in addition to numerous other awards and accolades.

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