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September 21 – Melonie Walker – Tweens, Seniors and Social Media

Tweens, Seniors and Social Media

Melonie will show creative concept ideas for Tweens and Senior Portrait Marketing and explain how she uses social media such as Instagram/Facebook and smart phone apps to engage potential clients. She will discuss her current Tween/Senior Representative Program and how it works as well as cover basic tips and tricks for success with Social Media Marketing.

About Melonie

Melonie Walker holds the Photograph Craftsman Degree and is a certified professional photographer who specializes in Senior Portrait Photography in the Thumb Area of Michigan. Melonie has developed her passion of photography into a distinctive craft through her discriminating eye and commitment to excellence. Her works have achieved both local and national recognitions, some of which include “Top seven photographer” from Professional Photographers of Michigan, and the 4 for 4 award from the Professional Photographers of America. Melonie is a member and serves on the board of the Professional Photographers of Michigan, and is a council representative for Professional Photographers of America.

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