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Kari Douma – Getting Started in InDesign

Kari DoumaDoes the thought of album design give you anxiety? Are you wishing you could speed up your design time? How would you like to create a wedding album in less than 2 hours? Kari will show you the basics of Adobe’s InDesign, and share with you how she creates classic wedding albums in a short time!

InDesign is a fast and easy to use program that a lot of photographers do not take advantage of! Kari will go over the basics of how the program works, and how you can use it to create not only albums, but marketing pieces, and story board templates for your clients. As you create these albums, storyboards, and marketing pieces, you will also be able to save them as templates, saving more time in the future!

Application for Membership

Things got a little messed up, so this is a little late, but here is the official post needed for membership.

The following individual has submitted their application for membership into PPWM.  Their application was reviewed by the board.  Their name is published for input and comment by all members in accordance with the current PPWM policies on membership.  If this applicant meets all qualifications and no objections are received by the membership chairperson, in writing, within 10 days of this post, the membership of this individual will be accepted.

Selena Marie Von Klompenberg


All Day Seminar ~ Jessica Vogel

Bundling Your Business With Babies and Families

Jessica Vogel will be speaking to us (in her adorable Southern accent) on Monday, September 17. The program will begin at 9am and will wrap up at 5pm. We’ll take a break to eat lunch and to digest all of the wonderful knowledge she shares with us!

Here’s a bit about Jessica:

Jessica Vogel started her photography studio in 1993, and since then has earned her reputation as one of Kentucky’s premiere children, senior and family photographers. Her work has achieved both local and international recognitions, including the Canon Par Excellence Award, Kodak Gallery award, the Fuji Masterpiece, Kentucky Top Five, Best Portrait as well as having images selected for the Professional Photographers of America’s Loan Collections.

“Creating Art with Life” is her ambition with every portrait. Jessica knows the importance of capturing the essence of your child. She, herself, is a mother of two. Her style of photography is based on the love and emotion each parent has for their child.

“My goal is to give you a portrait that is not just a picture, but a work of art that tells us who your child or family is in this stage of their life.”

Here’s a bit about her program:

With this ever changing landscape of photography, there is one thing that doesn’t change, the demand for beautiful children & family photography. It seems that no matter how tough time are, parents still want and need to documeent their children’s first years of life and to preserve the family in at the moment in time. Now with that said, Jessica Vogel will take you through the steps in building a children’s and family business that keeps the cash flow in your studio year around. From getting the mothers before the little one arrives with maternity, to newborn images that will rock your world, to a four session plan to keep them in the studio for the child’s first year and finally to the family portrait as well. Jessica will take you through:

~Developing packages and programs for desired clients
~Marketing to desired clients
~Creating strong events and specials to drive $$$
~Products that drive up your average dollar sale
~How to educate your client
~Planning for your sessions
~Selling to the Mom
~Programs to keep them coming back after the first year
~Marketing and Branding

You will leave this program with a well layed out plan to succeed in the children’s photography business.

A few more details:

The cost to register is $79 for PPWM Members and $99 for Non-Members. A delicious lunch will be included with your registration fee.

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Shawn Von Ins – “Free Yourself From Photoshop”

Shawn Von Ins - Free Yourself From PhotoshopMonday, April 16, 7pm

Photographers were not meant to spend all hours of the day and night in front of their computers clicking away their lives. Because of the advent of digital photography and Photoshop, this is exactly what’s happened for far too many of us. But there’s good news! You don’t have to go through your life with the crushing weight of sessions waiting to get edited. It’s time to take back your life and Free Yourself From Photoshop.

No, I’m not talking about outsourcing your editing and retouching work, although that is a viable solution. What this class is going to show you is my methods for getting your work done efficiently, and without losing quality.

Here’s a few of the things I’m going to cover:
-Setting yourself up for success
-My basic image retouching
-Creating Actions
-Batching Actions
-Lots of shortcuts
-Photoshop Tricks
-Adding logos and watermarks
-How to proof a session in 20 minutes or less

This is an advanced Photoshop class. You’ve probably got your own way of doing your workflow, and that’s great. My hope is that you take away a few tricks and ideas to apply to what you’re already doing to make it better for you. I want you to breeze through your work so you have more time for shooting, or simple more time with your family.

Feel free to bring your laptops, questions, and an open mind.

April 9, 2012 - 9:10 pm

Tina Klein - Looks like a great class, Shawn. I’ll be there!

April 17, 2012 - 6:42 pm

Angela Lawson - For all of you who missed last night, you missed a very informative meeting. Shawn did a great job, and I learned lots! Thanks for putting together such a great program.