Unless otherwise noted, our monthly meetings take place at 7pm at the studio of J Photography located at 400 Ann Street NW, Suite 110, Grand Rapids, MI 49504



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We welcome all photographers to visit us at one of our events so that they can see first hand what goes on. We’re sure that you’ll discover that this fun, dynamic group offers lots of opportunities for education, networking, and friendship.

Your first visit is free, so come check us out risk free. If you would like to come to another meeting after that, there is a $25 fee, which can then be applied toward your membership for the year if you choose to join. Which by then we know you’ll want to do because you’ll be hooked by that time.

Workshop Dinners

Before meetings we usually have dinner at 5:30 at a location near the meeting place. This is a great time to chat, network, and get to know each other in a casual environment. Please join us for dinner too! We can always pull up another table.