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Membership Benefits:

  • Monthly speakers
  • Print competitions
  • Listing on our website
  • Networking
  • Photographer of the Year competition
  • All day programs
  • Private Facebook group

Membership Levels

  • Active: Active membership shall consist of the owner and/or employee of a photographic business, who is engaged in the photographic profession. The right to vote or hold office in this association shall be vested solely in the Active Membership.
  • Associate: Associate membership shall consist of those individuals employed full-time in the photographic profession, with the exception of receptionists and artisans who may be part-time. No Owner, part-owner, or corporate officers may hold Associate membership unless the partnership or corporation is represented by an Active membership. This category is also for the spouses of Active members, or an employee under any Active Member.
  • Aspiring: Aspiring membership shall consist of those individuals who are aspiring to be a professional photographer. This member may be a student photographer, or a beginning photographer, who is aspiring to become a professional. No sales tax license is required for the Aspiring member. An individual may only be an aspiring member for one year. After one year, of the individual would like to continue in PPWM membership, they must become an Active or associate member.
  • Business: Business membership shall consist of manufacturers or distributors of photographic equipment, laboratories, publishers and other firm providing service to the profession. Business members are subject to the limitations of membership, hereinafter stated.
  • Life: Life membership may be granted to an Active or Associate member of PPWM who, after 20 years as a full-time professional photographer, has retired from the profession. This category is also for the spouse of Active of Associate retired members. Life members will not be required to pay dues.

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